Why Buy a Custom Computer

Posted on: October 29, 2015 in Custom Computers, Hardware, Repairs

There are numerous benefits of custom built computers that can beat most of the advantages presented by branded computers. Buyers can purchase computers built to their own specifications. Today many people are aware of the benefits of custom built computers and millions of people are not only buying custom built computers, but are also getting high end machines at the cost of low end branded machines.

A custom built computer gives you an opportunity to design your computer yourself. You can easily choose the hardware that you want to go inside your machine. There are many reputable companies that can do this job for you by providing you a custom built computer within your budget and according to your specifications.

Benefits of a Custom Built Computer

Quality Parts

There are many high quality computer parts from the world renowned manufacturers that general public may not have heard of before. All these parts deliver same kind of performance as provided by the parts in branded computers. You can get fully loaded custom built computer with high quality parts at the fraction of the cost of a branded computer.

Design Your Own Computer

By customizing your computer, you can control the way you spend your money. For instance, if you want to add a big hard drive in your computer, but do not need high end graphic card, then it is possible to build your computer this way. Your computer will be built exactly for how you will use it.


With a custom computer, you can upgrade old hardware that you want to replace, while keeping the serviceable components. This extends the life of your computer by years. This is not always so with the branded computers. Sometimes branded computers use specialized parts you cannot find easily, so you will have to live with your old computer or buy a new machine.

Performance & Reliability

The individual attention applied to each part while assembling a computer ensures that custom built computer comes to you with the highest possible quality. This kind of quality is not possible with mass produced branded computers. Custom built computers will work much better with the latest software applications and gaming.

Types of Custom Computers

There are many different types of computers. These are easily placed into 3 different categories.

Standard computers

These computers require bare minimum specifications and are fine for home users who are interested in typing documents or want to just surf the Internet.

Moderate computers

These computers are mostly used by the businesses and require more space and much better software programs.

Heavy usage computers

These computers are best for gaming, media and photo/video editing. They require lots of memory, a good video card and large hard drives.

Many parts used in the branded machines become obsolete within few years or less and therefore, you may have to buy new machine as you won’t be able to get your computer repaired from the manufacturer. Custom built computers use “off the shelf” computer parts from various vendors. This not only makes the parts less expensive but also more readily available when you want to get your computer repaired.

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